Auggd is a leading AR software and solutions provider.

We have developed a powerful AR platform that enables you to reach your audience quickly without a significant upfront investment. Your own custom branded mobile app can be in your hands in less than a week.

We have successfully deployed hundreds of mobile AR apps across a broad range of industry sectors over the last 8 years.



Why AR?

AR enables you to visualise in context, visualise at scale, and visualise the invisible.

The technology allows you to visualise an object, a feature or a concept that is otherwise too hard or too expensive to visualise in anything other than a digital format. For example, a home builder cannot build an exhibition home for each home they have available. A car manufacturer cannot make every car colour available in a dealership. An engineering company cannot build the airport and then put it out to tender.

AR has applications across most industry sectors, including:

  • Building and Construction
  • Architecture and Design
  • Automotive
  • Safety and Training
  • Education
  • Advertising and Events
  • … and many more

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Academic)


The team at Auggd are fantastic to work with; and their work is very literally fantastic – it is wonderfully imaginative, compelling and engaging.

I had the pleasure of meeting the team a few years ago and seeing some of their work in the public domain – their work, and the way they work, just blew me away.  I’ve since shown students their AR work to not only inspire them, but to help them see, comprehend and understand future scenarios and complex issues. It is delightful to see students have the “wow, now I get it” moment, and Auggd have helped that become a reality in the taught environment.

Professor Jonathon Allen | Head – The Academy

Laing O’Rourke


Laing O’Rourke identified Auggd as a promising enterprise to collaborate with when the [Sydney Light Rail] bid came up.

“For us, this was a major project that we had to win, because strategically it was considered very important and iconic,” Integrating augmented reality as part of the project showed that as a company, we were willing to be innovative and pioneer new techniques.”

Rowan Braham | Innovation Engineer

Transurban Limited


We worked with Paul to create a bespoke augmented-reality experience that allowed users to “step inside” four of our major construction projects. The Transurban360 app which Paul and his team created for us went well beyond expectations and used photogrammetry to create a realistic 3-D immersion experience – it really looked like you were onsite at NorthConnex in Sydney, the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne, Logan Enhancement Project in Brisbane and on the 495 Express Lanes in Washington DC.

The Auggd team worked with us on this project from end-to-end. They provided advice on the best user experience and technical requirements at the concept stage; assisted in the collection of thousands of photographs of each project site and then the creation of the content; and moved the app from staging into full production in the Transurban environment. All of this they did in an extremely tight timeframe of six weeks so we could launch the app at our Investor Day in May 2018. Auggd also went above and beyond to ensure the successful launch of the app, coming to Melbourne to be on hand at the event to provide technical support. While everything went smoothly, it was a great comfort to have them on hand.

The Auggd team also provided education and mentoring opportunities for one of our in-house graphic designers who shadowed the team to understand how the content is created and how to use the content management system for future updates.

I highly recommend working with the Auggd team for their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. They certainly went above and beyond in our project to achieve a fantastic outcome.

Alida Merson | Corporate Communications Manager

ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd


Auggd have been a pleasure to deal with – the initial roll out of the ADCO AR Application and training was an easy and efficient process and has been very well received by our staff and our clients. AUGGD have continued to respond rapidly to our project teams across the country in creating bespoke experiences.

At ADCO we use AR to help bring projects to life for our clients during tender, and also as a tool to engage with stakeholders during project delivery. Most recently full size, 1:1 scale visualisations of upcoming projects have allowed us to visualise developments for our stakeholders in a uniquely engaging way; our users can view and explore a project on the actual site without anything more complex than an iPad.

AUGGD always take the time to understand the specific requirements of each of our projects and help recommend the most appropriate experience for each particular situation.  The training we have received has been excellent and the CMS platform is very user-friendly, though AUGGD are prompt in assisting with technical input where required. I look forward to a continuing relationship with AUGGD and to seeing what exciting new AR experiences they come up with next!

Caroline Crook | Business Improvement Manager



We have been working closely with Auggd and are now able to uplift our capabilities in order to demonstrate the future reality in advance and it has been one hell of a great experience. easiar is absolutely brilliant. We used it for the first time now and the abilities it gives us to walk the clients through an event before even staring the build takes our work and client service to a totally new dimension. This is the future.

Boris Horschmueller | General Manager 

The Platform.

The Auggd Platform combines your custom branded mobile app with an online content manager. This offers the flexibility to add, change, update your content, introduce new interactions at any time and have your latest AR experiences available to your audience almost instantaneously.

The Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment – iOS and Android apps in your hands in less than a week
  • Utilise existing content – the Platform enables you to easily incorporate your existing digital content
  • Reduced development overheads – with a full featured mobile app in your hands in less than a month the Platform significantly decreases the need for specialised development resources

Download the Auggd App.

Platform Features.

The Auggd Platform offers a comprehensive set of features and experience templates that will transform your digital content into engaging AR experiences.

Features include:

  • Pre-defined experience templates
  • Customised experience templates
  • HTML5 in-app browser
  • PDF Floorplans & Engineering Drawings
  • 3D Objects & Animation
  • 360 Spherical Panoramas
  • Video AR, Full Screen and Green Screen (Holograms)
  • Image Recognition
  • Interactive Maps
  • Object Recognition
  • Markerless (ARkit)
AR Floor Plans

AR Floor Plans.

View your drawings in context, at 1:1 scale, on or off site.

easiar is an advanced, easy-to-use mobile based augmented reality visualisation tool for the architecture, engineering and construction sector — and beyond.




The Auggd team consists of an unparalleled skill combination in the AR industry and has been developing mobile AR apps and experiences since 2010.

We are here to help and ensure you make the right decisions for your circumstances to maximise your investment in AR.

We can assist with the creation of templated or fully customised AR experiences and offer comprehensive Platform training should you wish to create your own AR experiences.



Corporate workshops are an effective way of solidifying your augmented reality strategy. We can facilitate entry level to advanced knowledge building workshops, demonstrate the best AR applications in your industry and assist with targeted use case development.

Our AR workshops aim to demystify the technology, reduce project risk and align your stakeholders.

Talk to us today about an on-site half day or full day workshop for up to 15 people.


Visualise the Right Information at the Right Location.

Present your designs via immersive, true to scale walkthroughs – on  or off site.

Allow clients and stakeholders to explore a space on their mobile device, without the need for VR headsets and PC hardware.

Plan and modify layouts in real-time by adjusting and re-positioning elements directly in AR.

Visualise any design. At any scale. Anywhere. At any time.

Allow your clients to experience your product in their own environment at their convenience.


Home Builders.

Australia’s Top 5 leading home builders use the Auggd platform and have their own custom branded applications.

Their apps are used by their sales staff to convey their products & services in an exciting and more informative way, including 3D homes displayed off floorplans, hologram introductions by brand ambassadors & sales staff, 360 immersive panoramas & interactive showrooms and on-site visualisations of yet to be built homes.

Construction & Engineering

Get Better Design Insights for Construction & Engineering.

Auggd has been developing augmented reality experiences for the construction and engineering sector since 2012.

Clients are using the Auggd platform to create experiences that visualise buildings, bridges, roads and underground services at true scale in their real-world environments.

100 Mount Street.


Experience North Sydney’s newest commercial tower – 100 Mount Street – through 360 degree visualisations, videos and project information, providing the user early access to this exciting development.

100 Mount is an interactive smartphone and tablet application that enables the user to visualise and experience North Sydney’s newest premium office tower – 100 Mount Street – through augmented reality. Using the app from anywhere, users may experience what this prime development will look and feel like once completed through 360 degree visualisations and videos, while staying up to date with other project information and changes through construction phases.

Augmented Portals for Infrastructure Projects.


Auggd developed an ARKit application for Transurban that allowed their stakeholders to ‘step into’ various ongoing  infrastructure construction projects  around the world.

One experience enabled users to step into the future and experience the completed @WestGateTunnel project.

The app is connected to the Auggd Content Manager  offering Transurban the ability to update and make their own experience changes.

Experience the app yourself through the following

Large Scale Land Demarcation.


The purpose of the project:

  • Use AR during the planning and build phase for major roads
  • To enhance the visualization tools available to employees when informing citizens of upcoming road closures, repairs and upgrades.
  • To better inform citizens of the impact of land resumptions.

The farmers helped the agency understand the flooding issues in the area has thereby supporting the government during the design phase.


The Hyundai AR Dealership App. The Ultimate Showroom Companion.


“The Hyundai AR Showroom app allows our dealers to visually demonstrate the safety and performance features of the i30 and KONA, as well as colour and accessory options on a real vehicle using Augmented Reality. As a brand, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve customers experience within the dealership environment.

This app gives dealers the ability to demonstrate key features of the car that would be otherwise difficult to showcase within the showroom environment, particularly, without holding extensive inventory.”

– Nick Cook, Product Marketing Manager, Hyundai.

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Interactive Kellogg’s AR Brain Games Launched Off Their Cereal Boxes.


Challenge and test the whole family with Augmented Reality Brain Games on Kellogg’s specially marked packs.

The games help train memory speed, attention and problem solving skills and also teach amazing facts about science and history.


Instore AR to Show Off Android’s Latest and Greatest Features.


Launched in partnership with Samsung and Telstra, the Android AR demo educated in-store customers about the latest Android OS.

Simply pick up the handset and point it at the poster to learn more about the latest features and functionality.

Advertising & Events

Fan Day AR Mixed Reality Experiences for NRL’s Newcastle Knights.

CLIENT: McDonald Jones Homes

PROJECT: Newcastle Knights AR

Auggd created an augmented reality app for the NRL’s Newcastle Knights – sponsored by McDonald Jones Homes. Fans interact by posing with their favourite players, celebrating a try, catching a pass, kick at goal, being a part of the cheer squad, or number one fan.

An Immersive Experience at WISE.



Auggd’s innovative, object recognition based Augmented Reality experience made a big impact at the Qatar Foundation booth at the World Innovation Summit for Education 2017 in Doha, Qatar.

The central element of the booth and one of the highlights at the WISE exhibition in general was the creation of a customized Augmented Reality App, which used a specially made globe and its yellow impact points as a trigger, highlighting QF’s global education projects.

Education & Training

Anatomy Education Using AR.



The AR based research project tied into UoN’s organisational strategic goals relating to student engagement and anywhere, anytime access to education.

177 students were surveyed across 5 disciplines studying anatomy. The students evaluated the solution based on viability and ease of use.

The results of the study:

  • Ease of use (95.5% strongly agree or agree)
  • Effectiveness in illustrating 3D brain architecture (98% strongly agree or agree)
  • More effective than cadaveric brain sections, models or textbook images (87.6% strongly agree or agree)

Specialist Mixed Reality Teaching.

Auggd is proud to support Academy Xi in the specialised teaching and instruction of Mixed Reality through their bootcamp and 10-week course.

Students are taught how to develop their own experiences in mixed reality.

To find out more, please click on this link.

Case Study: Novo Rail – Winner of the COI Award for Community Engagement

Case Study: Novo Rail – Winner of the COI Award for Community Engagement

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of the Champions of Innovation Award in Community Engagement. Congratulations to Novo Rail Alliance and Aurecon who led the communication and engagement...

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Augmented reality to bring construction out of dark ages

Augmented reality to bring construction out of dark ages

Builder McDonald Jones is about to roll-out an augmented reality (AR) app that allows buyers to examine house designs from their mobile devices. CIO Brett Wilson says the app will take the...

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Beware augmented reality’s cool-factor and get past the gimmick, say agencies

Beware augmented reality’s cool-factor and get past the gimmick, say agencies

Auggd’s Robert Lang has a sweet business card. As you might expect for the CEO of an augmented reality agency, it features a pop-up holographic representation of himself. But he probably won’t...

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Hyundai rolls out augmented reality sales tool to Australian dealerships

Hyundai rolls out augmented reality sales tool to Australian dealerships

Hyundai is rolling out an augmented reality tool to dealerships across Australia to help sales staff demonstrate the features of its new ‘Reinvented i30’ hatchback. The AR app will...

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The Augmented and Virtual Reality of architecture: ThomsonAdsett and Auggd

The Augmented and Virtual Reality of architecture: ThomsonAdsett and Auggd

ThomsonAdsett and Auggd The need for effective visual communication in architecture is deeply rooted and ever-more relevant, with the adoption of new technologies becoming imperative over the...

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For close to a decade now, our team has dedicated their lives to bringing Augmented Reality to market. The fact that we have managed to build a successful, revenue-funded business with this nascent technology speaks volumes about our team’s capabilities.

We’re believers in the problems AR can solve for businesses as well as its vast potential. If you believe that you share the same passion and belief as we do and you want to be part of a great, growing, international team we’d love to hear from you. 

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