The Platforms.

The Auggd Platform combines your custom branded mobile app with an online content manager. This offers the flexibility to add, change, update your content, introduce new interactions at any time and have your latest AR experiences available to your audience almost instantaneously.

The Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment – iOS and Android apps in your hands in less than a week
  • Utilise existing content – the Platform enables you to easily incorporate your existing digital content
  • Reduced development overheads – with a full featured mobile app in your hands in less than a month the Platform significantly decreases the need for specialised development resources

Download the Auggd App.

Platform Features.

The Auggd Platform offers a comprehensive set of features and experience templates that will transform your digital content into engaging AR experiences.

Features include:

  • Pre-defined experience templates
  • Customised experience templates
  • HTML5 in-app browser
  • PDF Floorplans & Engineering Drawings
  • 3D Objects & Animation
  • 360 Spherical Panoramas
  • Video AR, Full Screen and Green Screen (Holograms)
  • Image Recognition
  • Interactive Maps
  • Object Recognition
  • Markerless (ARkit)
AR Floor Plans

AR Floor Plans.

View your drawings in context, at 1:1 scale, on or off site.

easiar is an advanced, easy-to-use mobile based augmented reality visualisation tool for the architecture, engineering and construction sector — and beyond.



Creative Services.

The Auggd team consists of an unparalleled skill combination in the AR industry and has been developing mobile AR apps and experiences since 2010.

We are here to help and ensure you make the right decisions for your circumstances to maximise your investment in AR.

We can assist with the creation of templated or fully customised AR experiences and offer comprehensive Platform training should you wish to create your own AR experiences.



Corporate workshops are an effective way of solidifying your augmented reality strategy. We can facilitate entry level to advanced knowledge building workshops, demonstrate the best AR applications in your industry and assist with targeted use case development.

Our AR workshops aim to demystify the technology, reduce project risk and align your stakeholders.

Talk to us today about an on-site half day or full day workshop for up to 15 people.


Do you have a complex physical product but no digital model? Using a process known as ‘photogrammetry’ Auggd’s team can reconstruct a highly detailed, fully textured, digital version of your asset for use in AR experiences.

From small retail products to large scale construction environments, photogrammetry offers an unparalleled means of efficiently generating high quality models from a complex physical asset.

Recently, Auggd used photogrammetry to produce a range of sneaker models for online retailer, The Iconic. See the models in action in this video.

Physical scale need not be a limit either. Auggd has experience producing large scale environment assets using photogrammetry, such as the example in this example for Transurban.